Monday, 2 October 2017

Why seek Faux Oddities, Unusual & Quirky 'Kurious Things' on Pinterest (via Etsy)

Oddities, Unusual & Quirky 'Kurious Things' 
on Pinterest (via Etsy)

 Faux Taxidermy Kraken Octopus by 'Kuriology' on Etsy

Yesterday, in between walking the dog, keeping dear old mum supplied in copious cups of tea, preparing Sunday dinner & doing the laundry...I managed to find the time to post my etsy shop inventory on to Pinterest. 


Well I read that considerable number of sales leads for etsy shops/stores were being generated via postings on Pinterest.  Now I do not know the truth of this & as yet I have few followers on my Pinterest account.  This is despite the 'generally' unique images I post there.

However, even an ancient social media fossil dinosaur like myself can see the advantages long term of having interconnection between various different platforms in different places on the internet all eventually leading back to a retail point.

Up until quite recently I had been happy to simply post images of my sculpture creations with no real intent or desire to sell.  But space & storage has now become a real issue in the Kuriology Art Laboratory. There is barely room to swing a mummified cat or crocodile.

Faux Egyptian Mummified Crocodile by 'Kuriology'

We will monitor the effect of Pinterest postings on our Etsy  shop/store.  If you are on Pinterest perhaps you may like to follow us & keep up with our new creations as they are listed.


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