Sunday, 22 October 2017

Vampire Rat & Where to Buy Other Unusual, Weird & Curious Odd Things...Why of course!

Vampire Rat & Where to Buy More Unusual, Weird & Curious Odd Things...Why of course!

Kuriology created Steampunk Vampire Laboratory Rat

Here at 'Art of Kuriology' HQ we are slowly releasing into the public various of our creations.  We need space to create even more Kuriology 'things'. Above picture is of one of our Steampunk Vampire Laboratory Rats, Kuriology created in our Bio-hazard Art Unit  (Small corner on left hand-side of the workbench).  Now everyone has heard of vampire 'bats', - but vampire rats?

Rats are known to eat pretty much anything organic, if they put their minds (& teeth) to it.  Even some forms of thermal insulation & electrical wire cable coatings are not safe from what many consider as nibble-y nasties. Rats are also not adverse to a little cannibalism, or even a lot as a 2016 newspaper article raises. 

This particular Kuriology rat was exhibited at Helston Museum as part of our 'From Behind Closed Doors' exhibition.  The exhibition  had nothing directly to do with mad scientists creating Frankestien-esque beasties in dodgy GM crop labs, but was in fact about the invisibility of being disabled when housebound.  

This Kuriology rat was however a tongue in cheek 'nod' to the previous dumping of toxic waste from Nancekuke, the Ministry of Defense former chemical warfare laboratory at what is now RAF Portreath.    On the original decommission  of the chemical research facility, waste was dumped down abandoned mine shafts in Cornwall.  

Here is a little slideshow video of what other Unusual, Weird & Curiously Odd 
Kuriology items we have released onto this week.  

NB:- Auction ends early Sunday afternoon
29th Oct 2017.

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