Thursday, 12 October 2017

From a Tadpole of an idea to Rain Forest Frogs & Familiar Toads

From a Tadpole of an idea 
to Rain Forest Frogs & Familiar Toads

Kuriology Amphibious Frogs/Toads (available on etsy at 'KuriousThings')
The other day I posted about having created a frog/toad & I made a youtube slideshow I was so happy with the little fella.  Well he/she has friends now .

Kuriology Frog/Toad

Now I am told there are Frog/Toad collectors in the same way some folk collect piggy or cat figures.  Well these croakers (Actually they don't croak!) would be pretty unique in any collection, as each is very individually hand made. No two have turned out quite the same.

From a tadpole of an idea to frogs/toads.  They are about x3 bigger than a common UK frog & available to buy on etsy.   

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