Sunday 19 September 2021

 Art of Kuriology sells on eBay!

Next eBay auction ends: - Sun 26th Sept 2021

Kuriology Art Sculptures are unusual, handmade & created primarily using recycled materials.

NB: * Pre-Brexit (Jan 2021) 40-60% of Kuriology Art sales were international.
We had sold Kuriology sculptures to numerous collectors in over 25 different countries outside the UK.

(**However, Brexit reality has resulted in new tariffs, massive increases in our material costs, material shortages, border controls, custom delays, additional bureaucracy, increased taxes, & increased courier costs, etc. – The direct negative impact of Brexit means we are currently no longer in a position to ship to Art customers/collectors overseas. Sorry.)

Next Kuriology Auction Sunday 26th Sept 2021 on eBay UK