Wednesday 19 October 2016

Cornwall: Palm oil, Cornish beaches & the view from here

Cornwall: Palm oil, Cornish beaches & the view from up here

 Yesterday I decided we'd best not to go to the beach with Tik-ma-dog.  

This was due to reports of further rancid palm oil being washed up on some Cornish beaches.  This happens occasionally.  The danger is this palm oil is nasty stuff & can be lethal to dogs & potentially dangerous to small children.

The news report I saw was for palm oil deposits way up near Plymouth.  

Still - not worth the risk, so an inland dog walk was called for.  My friend & I decided to walk Tik around, up and over Godolphin Warren (or Godolphin Hill as it is often known).  We were going to walk around Godolphin hill and then back over the top of it coming from the other side.  

Setting off from the NT Godolphin Woods car-park following the footpath beside the barely 3 meter wide River Hayle heading in the general direction of Hayle initially following the river valley.

Tik decided to plunge into the river (her not realizing its depth). With soggy self dunked dog we crossed the River Hayle (over a potentially hazardous slippery wooden bridge). Crossed the nearby road then followed a footpath along a gorgeous wooded lane/bridleway. Turning left down another steep footpath leaving the main footpath down into the valley bottom over another wooden bridge over the 'Hayle'.  

Up the other side through field with young boisterous steers in it.  All the cattle started making their way towards us, primarily I suspect as we had a dog with us....& having milked cows & looked after steers for a living in my youth, this is one reason I always have a walking stick. Cattle are a little more wary of approaching close, 'if' you can potentially tap them on the nose.

Leaving the steers behind, up a steep footpath joining a back road which leads eventually to village of Millpool, we take a left up a lane heading up Godolphin Hill.  Here we are rewarded with a splendid view of a Cornish Engine house.

Engine House Millpool side of Godolphin Hill
On we went progressing up the hill passed property belonging to the Cinnamon Trust. Clearly by indication of the numerous signs, the Cinnamon Trust does not allow shooting on its land.  

Turning left onto National Trust owned property we headed straight up the now open bracken covered landscape towards the top of Godolphin hill.

Reaching the top we were rewarded with a most splendid 365 degree views all around. 

Off towards Penzance, & St. Micheals Mount, St.Ives & Carn Brea  & Mount Hawke in the far distance & behind, back towards Tregoning Hill & Goonhilly Downs on the Lizard.

Looking towards distant Trencrom hill, nr St. Ives
A gentle wander down the hill into the back of Godolphin House. Having 'burned we'd earned' & stopped off for coffee (& shhh, cake) at the National Trust coffee shop (which is open to none members).

A short walk down the Godolphin House visitors drive way & back to the car parked in the woodlands car-park. Just behind the National Trust car-park smoke was rising.  

Further investigation (just being nosy) found National Trust staff cutting gorse & carrying out controlled burning, to preserve old heather among which apparently a rare fungi lives. Certainly the lichen growing at ground level among the old heather branches is among the fluffiest I have ever known.

Then it was a case of -Car- soggy dog - home - no palm oil

NB; Photos courtesy of Robert, as my camera decided not to work.

Saturday 15 October 2016

A home visit from Gallery owners: Outsider art, disability, appointments & dog walking

A home visit from Gallery owners: 
Outsider art, disability, appointments & dog walking

It's been a difficult week for creativity in the Kuriologist abode. 
This blog entry will be a verbal ramble. Bare with me.

The week started off just fine with art sculpture related plans with an arranged visit by two gallery owners, Peter Fox and Roselyne Williams from Redwing Gallery Penzance to see my sculptures at my home on Monday

Examples of various Kuriology sculptures

Redwing is gallery which specializes in 'outsider' art (or ArtBrut) as I discovered it is also called.  

Mind you I've only just discovered I am what is termed an 'outsider' artist.  

I've always felt more of an 'excluded artist' from the elitist educational establishment led art creative sector & Cornish art galleries in Cornwall.  I find 'most' Cornwall galleries with a social media presence even on twitter ignore even those artists based in Cornwall.  

Kuriology created Assemblage reliquary box

Home Visit from Redwing Gallery proprietors

A big thank you to Peter & Roselyne for taking considerable time & trouble to come out into the rural hinterland of 'here-be-dragons' backwater part of Cornwall where I live to see my sculptures.

I had warned them in advance there were a lot of sculptures.

Having been housebound by my cognitive disability since approx. 2006/07 it has meant almost ten years of quietly in isolation & social exclusion in building up a vast number of sculptures. These items created purely for my own satisfaction, sanity & my need to be creative & doing something constructive.

The 1st thing I think that hit Peter & Roselyne is my study/creative room/living room.  A virtual ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’.  The video below is inside my living room/creative space.

The collection of ‘stuff’ can be a bit overwhelming & in a way is inspirational for my sculptures.  I almost only dust when its deep enough to plough.

Most of my creations have to fit into my perception of a ‘wunderkammer’.  There are literally thousands of objects in my collection, many, many, many of which are my own creations.

There are literally ‘HUNDREDS’ of my sculptures throughout my home.

I took Peter & Roselyne from room to room downstairs, out to the outside studio & upstairs to the ‘storage room’ of DOOM. In the storage room of doom where sculptures are piled high & as many as six or more deep.

It was a delight to me that they appeared to like some of my work, wanting to take pieces with them to Redwing gallery there & then.  Also I was somewhat taken back by the to me high retail art value Peter placed upon some of my work.

Now I have the dilemma.  I have never tried to sell my sculptures previously & I have genuine concerns.

‘WHY’ – because being full time career to my elderly octogenarian mother & limited by my own cognitive condition having such a debilitating & restrictive impact upon my life – I live in absolute fear of the Disabled Hate Campaign policy this Conservative  Government’s runs in their constant & relentless Tory persecution & victimization of disabled persons who are in receipt of disability benefits.

Being in receipt of ESA in the severe disability group I am in theory allowed to do what is termed ‘permitted work’ & still receive ESA disability. 

However, it had previously taken 18 months to even establish from the DWP that they (DWP) could not pre-determine what was permitted work until you had already undertaken it?

Therefore, actively DISCOURAGING any attempt at paid work, even in a very limited capacity, out of the genuine real probability of being DWP penalized & further persecuted by this disabled person hating conservative government so hell bent on further persecuting & victimizing disabled persons.

A real catch 22 scenario.

The end result of the visit by Peter & Roselyne was for me personally encouraging. They seemed to like my Art. They insisted I submit two sculptures for consideration in ‘Alternative– Visions’, a forthcoming touring 'outsider' art exhibition, which I have now done.

I now have to consider whether to try to raise the funds to put on some sort of sculpture exhibition at Redwing gallery.  The problem being I will be terrified of making anything available ‘for sale’ for the reasons already given regarding Anti-disabled persons stance of the conservative government DWP.  The stress of which already has had me in a state of high anxiety. 

The rest of the week has been a round of Doctor's appointment, optician appointment & veterinary appointment for both Tik-ma-dog & the cat.  Each appointment on different days & an exercise in considerable logistical planning & stress. Especially when relying on public transport in rural Cornwall with an elderly & increasingly frail octogenarian mother who now finds it difficult to walk & to accompany her to these appointments.

This has left little time for any creativity or even thinking time about creativity, especially with my also having a loose tooth & all that encompasses in mind jangling pain which jars the concentration process for anything.

Thursday was the exception.  

It was such a beautiful day I just had to walk Tik-ma-dog on a decent extended stomp of several extra miles over the normal mileage, numbed by pain killers for the tooth.  I loose teeth when I'm under stress - I've lost a lot of teeth these past few years.

Monday 10 October 2016

Inside a 'Brut Art' outsider sculpture artist's Cornish home in Cornwall

Inside a 'Brut Art' outsider sculpture artist's Cornish home in Cornwall 

I recently learned I am what is termed as an 'outsider' artist or 'Art brut'.  

That is to say I am an untrained self identifying artist, at least not trained by convention or processed through the art educational system & have created my art work in isolation.  
I would argue having spent over a decade working on my style of sculptural art forms I am highly self-trained. I create for me, to satisfy my own internal desire to be creative.

Being cognitively disabled, diagnosed as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Catastrophic Trauma, Severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks & a form of 'people' related agoraphobia I fall into the mental health aspects of 'outsider art'.

Now if environment habitat influences, then my having been virtually housebound since 2007, the interior of my own home 'must' conceivably have an influence upon my sculptural art creations.

So what does the interior of an 'outsider' artists home look like....well to me it looks a little like the video below. 

Yes that really is the interior of my own relaxation & working space.  Dusting is a genuine nightmare & a task undertaken with extreme gravity & gritted teeth determination & purpose.

You could say my 'Cabinet of curiosities', kunstkammer which includes many of my own personal creations & sculptures is in itself an 'instillation' piece of sculpture artwork in its own right. 

My 'Cabinet of Curiosities' is in constant flux of change as I squeeze in another object here or artifact there, whilst relegating another piece fallen from grace (or damaged during dusting) to the spare bedroom

....or worse fate, to the storage room of DOOM! 

Sunday 9 October 2016

Cornish Art Sculptures for a 'Cabinet of Curiosities'

Cornish Art Sculptures for a 'Cabinet of Curiosities'

Youtube video slideshow of sculptures created in Cornwall, UK by the Kuriologist

Friday 7 October 2016

Sculpture Art blogging, Where to go wrong, doing it right?

Sculpture Art blogging, Where to go wrong, doing it right?

Three sculptures created by Kuriology in Cornwall, UK

In the past I've run several blogs on different subjects (all now retired).  However, this is the 1st time I've run one specifically for my 'Cabinet of Curiosities' style sculptural artwork which I create.
It is proving to be a much more up-hill task than previously experienced with previous successful blogs. I certainly have original content, the work is unique to me.

So what am I doing wrong?

Birdheaded baby sculpture created by Kuriology

I've run through my checklist & am left scratching my head.

Its back-linked to numerous other art portfolio sites
Some of which can be found here:-

Artobolus - 
ArtDiscover - 
Artid - 
Artweb - 
Outsidein -   
FoundMyself - 
VoodooChilli - 
Zhibit - 

Its been added to various directories

Its back-linked in comments on other blogs such as ultimate papermache

Hermit crab sculpture created by Kuriology

Its back-linked 
on pinterest,

& twitter 

& youtube

& google+ (however, even I cannot find it on Google+)

However, followers are in short supply & I can only conclude the internet or the way people use it has changed considerably & somehow I'm just not getting it?

Suggestions on a postcard please, or fill in a friendly comment below?

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Postcard from an Artist in Cornwall - 'wishing you were here'

Postcard from an Artist in Cornwall - 'wishing you were here'

Images from today's morning Tik-ma-dog walk
Most people could not imagine the sheer joy I now get from simple pleasure of walking Tik-ma-dog.  

Having been virtually housebound from 2007 with diagnosed Post traumatic Stress Disorder, catastrophic trauma, severe anxiety, panic attacks & a form of agoraphobia, I now have developed a form of coping strategy since getting 'Tik'-ma-dog in January of this year (2016). Tik acts as my psychiatric disability assistance service dog.

It has to be said absolutely with NO thanks to any Cornwall & IOS health providers, NO help from social care, NO help from Cornwall Council, NO help from DWP or other statutory orgs supposed to 'in theory' help.  Housebound the system leaves you at home to ROT - 'Out of sight out of mind' 

The exception to this shoddy non-existent health & social care in Cornwall has been the Cornwall branch of Red Cross (who recognized I was a person in crisis), Penwith volunteers (Who then provided a befriender) & St.Francis Animal Welfare (who provided Tik-ma-dog)   

Basically, I get out of the house now, just me and Tik, whereas previously I would have to force myself to go alone even two hundred meters to the local farm shop & be in a right state afterwards.  Panic attacks can actually be physically painful - who knew?

Other benefits?  

Well having become physically inactive whilst housebound my waistline had expanded over the decade+.  Yesterday, I comfortably fitted into a pair of 32 inch waist jeans.  The first time in ten years. Joy, as I had hit my first target weight of 80 kilos having lost over two stone in weight since Jan of this year. 

That was down to simply walking Tik-ma-dog twice a day 'rain or shine' since January of this year.  NO change in diet, just simple exercise.

So another joy yesterday 04/10/2016 was to take 'Tik'-ma-dog onto a Cornish beach, she & all her canine friends had been banned from since May of this year.

Big thank you to a member of Poldhu Beach cafe.  They do not sell cigarette papers - but they found me some anyway!  

This is a happy Poldhu beach dog

Ah! But what of my art?

Well this was a recent posting to twitter

Three sculptures created by Kuriology
....and these are two works still in progress

Work in progress

'Tree of lost souls' - work in progress
There are 'always' Kuriology works in progress or as I have heard them referred to as, being 'works in detention'.

Monday 3 October 2016

1st Oct. Dog ban lifted on many Cornish beaches

1st Oct. Dog ban lifted on many Cornish beaches

Marizion beach, Cornwall 2nd Oct 2016
It is that time of year many dog owners in Cornwall look forward to.  The annual lifting on 1st of October of dog ban/restrictions on many of Cornwall's beaches. 

My being a resident in Cornwall & being reliant on public transport, most beaches in striking distance of my home fall under the much loathed dog restriction/bans during summer tourist months of May to Oct. 

Yesterday was the 2nd of Oct & I walked Tik-ma-dog from Marizion beach causeway to Penzance along the beach...and back again. Then we went on the beaches of the lesser visited other side of Marizion as the tide was out.  We had these 2nd beaches to ourselves.

I had been invited by our local Mp Derek Thomas to take part in a sponsored dog walk along Marizion beach to Penzance on the day before, on Saturday the 1st October.  I could not make it, but did go along the following day just to walk Marizion beach.  

Now I'm not saying it was compulsory to have a dog & walk on Marizion beach on Sunday, but for every person/group without a dog....I counted ten persons/groups who were walking with dogs. Dog walkers rule!

Beside the obvious benefits & joys of walking on a beach, & walking my dog on the beach, I am also their to hunt.  Hunt bits & pieces of beach cast up for my artwork.  However, pickings of driftwood, an bits & bobs for my artwork on Marizion were actually quite meager.

I did find a nice oval fishing net float, a smaller beach cast fishing float & a white plastic sprue which I genuinely thought at first was a fish spine...guess what that will probably become.  

I also began to notice the small discarded fishing line nests... & their considerable frequency.  I had been blind to these nasty plastic pollutants previous.  They had simply not registered on my visual radar when beach combing.  That perception changed as a result of meeting last week with Falmouth based Eco-artist Georgina Maxwell 

Georgina's work speaks for itself & is well worth looking at as well as the environmental message behind each piece.  Taking man made pollutants cast up from the sea & turning it into poignant visually striking art forms. 

A thank you to the customer service of Penzance, Longrock McDonalds who without prompting offered a fresh bowl of water for my dog.  Also staff at Jordan's Cafe (who do exceedingly good coffee), but also offer my assistance dog a biscuit on her occasional visits. 

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Cornish driftwood mycology fungi art sculpture

Cornish driftwood mycology fungi art sculpture

Cornish art sculpture created by Kuriology
Cornish driftwood mycology fungi art sculpture
Created by Kuriology

The above:- Take one 5 inch (12.5cm) square wooden base with Roman ogee molding and made from re-cycled wood.  Apply coat of french polish. Drill holes.  

Attach a found piece of driftwood to recycled wooden base using drilled holes and appropriate length screws.  This driftwood was beach combed off a Cornish beach on one of this summers Tik-ma-dog walks.

Create mushroom fungi from aluminium kitchen foil and using pages from an antique dictionary and water diluted PVA glue.  The dictionary was falling apart and acquired from a charity shop, but I still felt a moral dilemma in tearing pages from a so went against the grain.

Tint outer edge of mushroom parasol with diluted acrylic red paint. Allow to dry and coat with shellac french polish. This polish gives the fungi a honey glow.

Drill holes for fungi having sized-up fungi in appropriate positions on the driftwood. Apply glue and place fungi in drilled holes in driftwood. 

Add glued on lichen.  This lichen scavenged from wind blown fallen branches on one of Tik-ma-dog countryside walks.  It may (or may not) have been whilst walking the NT Godolphin estate, between Helston and Penzance, Cornwall.

One completed 'Cornish driftwood mycology fungi art sculpture'

More Kuriology sculptures may be found on Pinterest 

Monday 26 September 2016

Cornish Art Sculpture Blog, WARNING. May explode under pressure

Cornish Art Sculpture Blog
 WARNING. May explode under pressure

Cornish Engine house under going conservation,
Nr Sithney, Helston

Above picture taken on yesterday's late afternoon 'Tik'-ma-dog walk. All was well, the weather was good & we walked much further than initially intended. I felt quite good.

That was then, today is Monday.  Feeling this art sculpture promoting is a really, really a slow burn. Frustrating, it feels like it is a damp fuse, taking a while to get going.  Just not getting the followers or re-promotions I had expected or previously experienced with other blogs (now retired), but on different subject matter. 

Perhaps it's my art, too edgy or Dark.  

I don't do kitten art or those endless paintings of St. Micheals Mount, which seem to clutter, otherwise quite nice picture frames at David Lay's household auction sales

Perhaps I'm just grumpy today.  The weather has definitely changed & my internet connection is frustratingly slow, lumpy & very erratic his morning. Feel a computer diagnostic coming on.

So in keeping with my dark equally dark sculpture, created right here at Kuriology in Cornwall.

Baphomet Figure created by Kuriology

'Baphomet', may not be as dark & satanic as portrayed.  Apparently the old goat faced fella has simply had some bad PR from the Christian right wing over the centuries. Seems he may have been linked to the good old Catholic Papal smear campaign against the Knights Templar order. Secret societies, eh, tut, who'd have them?

However, anything man like in stature, with horns & wings, & cloven hooves is always of interest to me.

This Kuriology created sculpture of 'Baphomet' is of composite construction, mixed medium using re-purposed objects, cardboard, kitchen foil, paper mache, modeling clay & mounted on an antique wooden beech stand.

Sunday 25 September 2016

Who has time to create sculpture? What with blogging, tweeting & dog walking?

Who has time to create sculpture? 
What with blogging, tweeting & dog walking?

Compilation of photos from x2 hour Sunday morning dog walk

Since I decided to start putting Kuriology sculptures on-line it has been a whirlwind of non-stop computer related tasks to carry out. Among which there has been a multitude of art portfolio accounts to be created (see listing in right hand blog column).

Promoting sculpture takes a lot of work. Who knew?

Then there has been the Pinterest account 
(Please do follow as I'm adding more sculptures constantly)

But when to find time to sculpt?

Then there is the Kuriology Twitter account 'The Kuriologist@strangecurios' 

Must find time to sculpt?

....and this blog

....and 'Tik'-ma-dog, has to be walked - properly!

...and then there are domestic home duty demands on my time!

Thank goodness I don't do facebook as well!


Last night, at last 'found time to sculpt' whilst also watching television.

Three views of  'De-composition Fungi' sculpture 

Created using re-cycled wood (base), Doweling, Cornish beach sourced driftwood, aluminium kitchen foil, & re-purposed charity shop dictionary book pages (the book, it was/is falling apart).  Shellac finish, with ebonised french polish highlights.   Ta-da!

'De-composition Fungi'
Sculpture created by Kuriology

Not sure if this qualifies as mixed media, assemblage or re-purposed art sculpture. Perhaps all three.

I do like fungi, there is something magical & mysterious in the way their fruiting bodies just appear suddenly.  Sometimes in the most unusual of places.

Right, I have thirty minutes before I have to feed & walk the dog, a cup of tea I think!   

Saturday 24 September 2016

Cornish Beaches – The Creative Art of Pollution (Part I)

Cornish Beaches – The Creative Art of Pollution (Part I)

A busy week of beaches, rubbish, & contemporary Eco-art. 

On Thursday, Robert my former Red Crossed referred befriender, & now good friend, took ‘Tik’ my dog & I down onto the Lizard,Cornwall.  I had spent two minutes that morning studying Google aerial maps seeking a suitable Cornish beach for us to explore & likely to be isolated enough not to have one of those ‘annoying Cornish dog beach bans’.
I wanted a quiet beach of potential flotsam & jetsam.

We headed through St. Keverene, into the pretty village of Rosenithen, down what appeared to be a dead end. Directed by a most helpful local to an off road parking spot where we would not obstruct any laden tractors coming through.  Tucked discretely, hidden almost out of sight, to the side of the dead end…a footpath, leading down to the sea.

Beach between two coastal quarries
Nr, Porthoustock, Cornwall

The beach we were heading for lies on the Lizard coast of Cornwall between Coverack & Porthoustock, in fact it lies between two rather large coastal former quarries. 

There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding potential re-opening of one of these quarries, Dean Quarry, & the impact it would have on protected marine environment just off the Cornish shore.

Dean Quarry, Between Coverack & Porthoustock,
Lizard, Cornwall

A pleasant walk beside a small highly conversational stream, which chattered & gurgled to us all the way down to the beach. The beach all but deserted…or so we thought.  A delightful & exceptionally clean beach.
Where was all the pollutant rubbish which I expected cast up on the tidal zone of such an isolated beach?

A conversation with a local resident of the village walking his ‘exceptionally’ seriously well trained dogs on the beach provided answer.  The locals kept their own local beach pretty damn squeaky clean.

Yes, they did, hats off, but it meant there was nothing to add to my sculptural bit’s resource box..and in a strange way, that's a good thing.

I whipped out from my rucksack a sculpture I had brought from home - a turtle.  

Made primarily from re-cycled old received ebay parcel packaging materials – one of my Kuriology faux taxidermy, paper mache – Turtles. I had wanted to photograph it in-situ on a beach.

Now hawksbill turtles do on occasion stray into Cornish coastal waters, so my beach sculpture was not entirely beyond the realms of reason.

Hawksbill Turtle -Faux Taxidermy
Paper mache sculpture by Kuriology
A real big bull seal also put in an appearance just a few yards off shore, & just shortly after Tik my dog had decided since I’ve had her to take her 1st ever swim in the sea. 

Perhaps the bull seal had come to check who was the blonde bathing beauty – Tik my dog.

There was a steady stream of walkers coming to the beach following the coastal footpath.  It was such a beautiful early autumn day with blazing sunshine, we just sat on the beach enjoying it.

Return was via Roskilly’s (again) for good coffee.  Now I do not think it is compulsory to have a dog to go to Roskilly’s Farm, but let’s put it this way, more tables did have a dog in their company, than did not.

A most pleasant morning, even if I did have a damp soggy-doggy with us for the journey home

The following day a meeting lined up with Eco-artist - Georgina Maxwell.  

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Walk in Cornish Countryside, taking in views at every gateway on route.

Walk in Cornish Countryside, taking in views at every gateway on route.

Above video: A walk in Cornwall, stopping at 
every farm gateway on route to take a photo 

I wasn't going to blog today.

The intention was to take the day off from computer-y stuff.  The idea was to take 'Tik'- my dog, on a good walk, which we did. 

The mistake was picking up the camera as I went out the door & that led to the above video of our walk. More kuriology videos on youtube

'Tik' my dog, looking a little wolf-ish

At the 1st feild gateway I spotted a rabbit. To slow to catch a picture of the bunny I took a picture of the view through the gateway. ...and a picture through the next gateway ...
and then a picture...., well you get the idea.

Starting off at the village of Carleen in the parish of Breage I went in the direction of the hamlet of Trew by road. Turning right just before the hamlet & heading up the road past Trewolis Barton Farm. Just after Trewolis Barton turning left via a footpath & now heading in the general direction of the village of Breage. Crossing first a pasture field, over a style into a wheat stubble field.  

At the right corner top of which was a beautiful field filled with white & yellow button flowers. I thought these were Feverfew, but now I suspect it was Corn Chamomile.
Looking towards Tregonning Hill, Cornwall 

Getting back on the road we turned left & immediate right leading us up towards Trevena Farm. Passing the farm & then passing Trevena Barton.  Looking to my right I could see the tower of the parish church at Breage.  Away to the right I could just make out the sea & the cliffs down beyond Porthleven towards Loe Bar & Gunwalloe. 

Passing the deserted farm buildings to my right entering Trevena Cross. Popping into the Garden Centre where they serve good coffee (& a dog biscuit for Tik).  Horror upon Horrors, the garden centre cafe has banned smoking outside!!!  I did ask the cafe duty staff if the person responsible for the ban could be executed by firing squad.

Is it unreasonable that executing the owners seems beyond their customer satisfaction procedures?

After coffee, leaving the Garden centre cafe.... & immediately lighting up.  The large fibre glass Komodo Dragon figure in the garden centre had the right idea - sticking out it's tongue to the outside 'ciggy fag ban'.  

Turning left we followed the road? bridle way? up towards Trevena Count house. Passing through the gate at the top & immediately turning right down a narrow footpath.  It is more or less down hill from here on.   Emerging from the footpath & turning immediate left to follow another footpath which hugs the lower shoulder of Tregonning hill heading in direction of the abandoned Telmennor quarries.

The footpath takes a right turn at a style which has a forbidding notice about dangerous cows in the field beyond. We are not going that way, but down the hill footpath to rejoin the road at Little Telmennor.  A gentle saunter down the road passing Trewolis Barton farm again, back to Trew, but turning right towards the hamlet of Trew. Past the sculptures on the left in the garden of what was, & may well still be Trelawney House.

Taking the next left lane which leads down into the valley, the stream of which flows all the way down to Porthleven. Now one of the maps I looked at shows this as a lane joining both sides of the valley,  It does not. At least not for road vehicles (or even off road vehicles - too narrow between the bridle path fences).

The last footpath of the walk

Rising up the other side of the valley joining a lane & then taking a left hand turn up a footpath which comes out...more or less where we began two and a half hours earlier.

Tomorrow I must do some creative sculpting type stuff.