Sunday, 25 September 2016

Who has time to create sculpture? What with blogging, tweeting & dog walking?

Who has time to create sculpture? 
What with blogging, tweeting & dog walking?

Compilation of photos from x2 hour Sunday morning dog walk

Since I decided to start putting Kuriology sculptures on-line it has been a whirlwind of non-stop computer related tasks to carry out. Among which there has been a multitude of art portfolio accounts to be created (see listing in right hand blog column).

Promoting sculpture takes a lot of work. Who knew?

Then there has been the Pinterest account 
(Please do follow as I'm adding more sculptures constantly)

But when to find time to sculpt?

Then there is the Kuriology Twitter account 'The Kuriologist@strangecurios' 

Must find time to sculpt?

....and this blog

....and 'Tik'-ma-dog, has to be walked - properly!

...and then there are domestic home duty demands on my time!

Thank goodness I don't do facebook as well!


Last night, at last 'found time to sculpt' whilst also watching television.

Three views of  'De-composition Fungi' sculpture 

Created using re-cycled wood (base), Doweling, Cornish beach sourced driftwood, aluminium kitchen foil, & re-purposed charity shop dictionary book pages (the book, it was/is falling apart).  Shellac finish, with ebonised french polish highlights.   Ta-da!

'De-composition Fungi'
Sculpture created by Kuriology

Not sure if this qualifies as mixed media, assemblage or re-purposed art sculpture. Perhaps all three.

I do like fungi, there is something magical & mysterious in the way their fruiting bodies just appear suddenly.  Sometimes in the most unusual of places.

Right, I have thirty minutes before I have to feed & walk the dog, a cup of tea I think!   

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