Monday, 19 September 2016

Arrgh! Tis Talk Like A Pirate Day

Garrgh! Tis Talk Like A Pirate Day

Assemblage Cornish Pirate Sculpture by Kuriology

Ahoy me hearties, My Twitter account @strangecurios reminded me twas 'talk like a pirate day'.  So avast ye swabs, tis all hands on deck to find some Pirate Sculpture Booty in the old Kuriology seadog treasure chest.

I dug around in our storage & found an assemblage Cornish Pirate sculpture created last year which is used to house a working faux scrimshaw compass.

Recently I was fortunate to catch at Falmouth Art Gallery an exhibition of about Captain Pugwash. Much beloved children's book & cartoon character created by John Ryan.  

I now learned  some of the dubious names circulated in my childhood about characters from the Pugwash story were fictitious. Apparently Captain Pugwash character names such as 'Roger the cabin boy', 'Master Bates' & 'Seaman Stains' were as result of overactive boys playground stories.  

Assemblage Cornish Pirate Sculpture by Kuriology

In 2015  I joined (with a friend) in the sadly failed attempt in Penzance, Cornwall  at the world record to assemble the largest number of people dressed as pirates.  It was a spectacular day with thousands upon thousands of people dressed as pirates.  Allegedly it was just x77 pirates short of the world record.  The record held by the 'scurvey dogs' in Hastings. I mean 'Hasting', really?  

'Shiver me timbers' that most enjoyable Penzance Pirate day may have inspired my kuriology compass sculpture.

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