Friday 31 August 2018

Dead as a Dodo and other Halloween type things?

Dead as a Dodo and other Halloween type things?

Dodo sculpture by Kuriology

With such an unusually long hot & summer this year in the UK it seems to have impacted sales of Kuriology Art Laboratory items.  Now perhaps all the goths, steampunk-ers, oddity & curiosity collectors were twiddling their toes on a beach somewhere?

Who knows?

 Vampire Heart by Kuriology
Vampire Heart

However, since last September Kuriology sales had been steadily ticking along quite merrily up until the summer heat wave hit. Then, just like a trout stream, things dried up a bit. 

 Paper mache Monkey Skeleton by Kuriology
Monkey Skeleton

But Halloween is approaching, so (in theory) Kuriology Art Laboratory object sales should start to pick up.  They are after all quite unique, one of a kind (OOAK) creations that fit well into the folklore, folk art, horror, goth, steampunk, museum, oddity collector niche. 

 Experimental Biology by Kuriology
Laboratory Experiment

Unlike things cast from molds & made of plastic,  Kuriology items are handcrafted, primarily made from recycled materials, they will age, & develop their own unique patina. 

 Dragon hatchling by Kuriology
Dragon Hatchling

So what sorta of thing is likely to be found released from the Kuriology Art Laboratory?  

Well, things like that pictured above really, oh & the thing below...we think its a sort of 'Hand of Glory', but who knows what someone may use it for?

Perhaps add a little sign- 'Shoplifters will be severely dealt with'?

 Severed hand by Kuriology
Severed Hand

You can find Kuriology items for sale on here:- Kuriology on ebay