Wednesday 29 May 2019

My poor Art Blog - but Kuriology sales have never been so good?

My poor Kuriology blog. It has been a little neglected. 

In part this is due to spreading myself a little thinly. An Etsy store, folksy store, ebay sales, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, google/mybusiness & the untimely death last year of my dear disability service dog.  (NB: Although this is not really a business, but the downsizing clearing of creations made as a result of coping strategy for disability). Basically posting about all over the place without a proper plan or process.

Kuriology Cabinet of Curiosities Heart

Time to stop & access, or as dear old Fagin said -'reviewing the situation'.

The idea being that through Kuriology to keep myself, hands & more particularly my brain, cognitively occupied to suppress the impact of clinically & forensically clinically diagnosed agoraphobia, PTSD, anxiety & panic attacks.  But not to stress myself out adversely.

Kuriology Feejee Mermaid

To a degree my self devised strategy works - mostly.

*Kuriology had held off from venturing into international sales due to the fiasco which is Brexit causing all sorts of strife & woe in the UK  (Brexit = The result of trying to appease some right wing neo-nazi types in the British conservative party & now a concerning massing & manifesting of same ilk in the Brexit party).

There is genuine concern that Britain may be teetering on the brink of accidentally sliding into a quasi- fascist dictatorship under the rule of a privately & secretly funded party.  One with no political manifesto other than that of those willing to follow a virtual cult of perceived personality! 

Drinking pints in a pub does NOT make a man 'one of the people' - its just good PR for suckers & has been enabled by main stream media.

Eventually we said - 'to hell with it'...& we started listing Kuriology for international sales.

Kuriology Extinct Non-existent Species

Bingo-A result - Americans, Canadians, French, Belgians, Germans & Chinese have all been buying Kuriology creations.

Approx. 50% of all Kuriology listings are now selling overseas!?  #WhoKnew?

Kuriology lists new releases from the Art laboratory onto ebay each week here:-