Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Dragon Art, Draco or Jabberwocky? Mythical Beast released to 'KuriousThings' on

Dragon Art, Draco or Jabberwocky? 
Mythical Beast released to 'KuriousThings' on

Dragon 'KuriousThings' on
As the Kuriologist, I'd been having two really unpleasant days on the computer....and when that happens I have to retreat & become creative.  In this instance it meant making a 'Dragon' - or Draco, or is it a Jabberwocky?

Now according to 'Alice in Wonderland' author Lewis Carrol, we should - “Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! ...and this dragon has both teeth & claws!   It has six limbs - two wings, two front legs & two back legs.  

Therefore it is not a Wyvern. 

 Apparently, Wyvern have only four limbs.  Back legs & wings.  Which according to online experts (& lets face it we are ALL online experts these days), is what the dragons in Game of Thrones have, which according to 'some' means they are not dragons, but Wyvern. 

...or is it a case of 'all Wiccans are witches, but not all witches are Wiccan' 

, ie; All Wyvern are dragons, but not all dragons are Wyverns?

Don't even get me started on Behemoths, Basilisks, Hydra or Cockertrice?

Even the taxonomy of mythical cryptozoological beasts has to be correct these days..& I was just going for a 'ball-park' dragon like 'Smaug' creature. hey-ho.

Dragon by Kuriology at 'KuriousThings' on

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Halloween Curiosities and other Weird Bits & Pieces on eBay UK

Halloween Curiosities 
and other Weird Bits & Pieces on eBay UK

Ebay UK auction ENDS TODAY of useful Halloween Curiosities & other Weird bits & pieces.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Etsy shop creed - adapted from US Marines Rifleman’s creed - Full Metal Jacket

Etsy shop creed – adapted from US Marines Rifleman’s creed - Full Metal Jacket

Sundays are always a strange day in the Kuriologist house.  There is a tenancy for The Kuriologist to go 'off-piste', a day for light lateral thinking? 

How I linked a US Marine Corps training creed to my creative art in my brain is anybody's guess!

However, a little history -  US Marines Rifleman’s creed

Major General William H. Rupertus wrote the original Rifleman’s creed during WWII, probably in late 1941 or early 1942. All enlisted Marines learn the creed at recruit training. The  original Rifleman's creed remains part of basic United States Marine Corps doctrine.

With utter respect & no offence intended to the US Marines &/or fans of the film Full Metal JacketHere is an etsy shop creed.

My etsy shop creed – ‘KuriousThings’

This is my etsy shop. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My etsy shop is my best friend. It is my shop. I must master it as I must master my life.
Without me, my etsy shop is useless. Without my etsy, I am useless. I must run my etsy true. I must trade straighter than my competition who is trying to pre-sell me. I must sell before he sells. I will…

My etsy shop and I know that what counts in commerce is not the visits we get, the noise of our social media, nor the comments we make. We know that it is the sales that count. We will hit sales targets…

My etsy is real, even as I, because it is my shop. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its complexities. I will keep my etsy clean and tidy, even as I am clean and tidy. We will become part of each other. We will…

Before my product inventory, I swear this creed. My etsy and I are the defenders of my creative lifestyle. We are the masters of our competitors. We are the saviours of my life, my creativity.
So be it, until victory is mine and there is no competition, but mine!

Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery by definition.  This is an entirely respectful, but light-hearted ‘tongue in cheek’ adaptation from the original – just for fun!

Etsy shop creed – adapted by 'Art of Kuriology' from US Marine Rifleman’s creed - Full Metal Jacket

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Zombie Cowboys & Horror Snails - Guest Artist on Kuriology blog

'Zombie Cowboys & Horror Snails' 
Guest Artist on Kuriology blog

 Brian Blacknick Long Beach, NY, USA

Zombie Cowboy - by Brian Blacknick

To diversify content of the Kuriology blog we are going to feature a guest artist from time to time.  
Artists who's creativity fits into The Kuriologist's perception of contemporary created objects for a  
modern 'Cabinet of Curiosities'.

Our first guest:- Brian Blacknick is from Long Beach, NY, USA

We were particularly taken by his Zombie cowboys, then we found his snails!

Thanks for taking part Brian, here are your questions.

Who in your past had most influence on your creations today?
  • 'I was inspired by paleo artist Charles Knight and stop motion animator Willis O'Brien'.

How would you describe your own style of creativity?
  • 'I'd say whimsical with a bent for horror' .

Describe your designated creative work-space area?
  •     'My studio has a kiln, sand blast cabinet, air brush cabinet, work table & an area to photograph my artwork'.

When did you first sell one of your creations?
  •     'When I was in 5th Grade I sculpted a medieval castle that our teacher sold to an antiques dealer. The proceeds were used to buy our classroom pet'.

How do you schedule your work/family/leisure balance?
  •     'I have no specific strategy. When I've had enough of sculpting I find myself missing fishing and beach combing. Likewise I'll begin to feel the need to get back creating if I've been away from my work space for a time.

What type of ‘your’ art pieces give you the most satisfaction to create?
  • Recently I took part in a collaborative project called the Cult of Doll Almanac where 16 artists were asked to create a doll with an accompanying story. I was quite pleased with the character I created and his story titled " Death Rides the Trade Winds". 

Have you sold/exhibited your work via a ‘bricks & mortar’ gallery/shop?

  • Yes. Though I no longer do. I prefer selling my work via the Internet.

Five words you feel best describe your creations?

  • Hmmm let's see whimsical, unusual, fanciful, frightful, & imaginative.
Demon Horror Art Magnet by Brian Blacknick
Thanks for taking part Brian

You can visit Brian's etsy shop here
NB: Please be aware, does not ship outside of the USA

Friday, 13 October 2017

Kuriology : The Art of Cabinet of Curiosities - Oddities : How to establish Etsy & eBay Unique Selling Point ...

Kuriology : The Art of Cabinet of Curiosities - Oddities : How to establish Etsy & eBay Unique Selling Point ...: How to establish an etsy & eBay   Unique Selling Point (USP) and an Exclusive Niche Market  ( apparently, other sales platforms are a...

How to establish Etsy & eBay Unique Selling Point (USP) and an Exclusive Niche Market

How to establish an etsy & eBay Unique Selling Point (USP) and an Exclusive Niche Market 
(apparently, other sales platforms are available)

Kuriology creations:  Handmade, Exclusive & Original

File Blog Post Under :- Kuriology senseless mumbling & rambling thoughts.

Like most people, before I started to try to sell things on the inter-webbery line I did a bit of research.  However, obviously & clearly I may not have done quite enough? 
  • You have to have a Unique Selling Point...they said?
  • You have to find/create a Niche Market...they said?
  • You have to be exclusive & OOAK (*One of a Kind)...they said?
  • You have to be way, way out there...they said? 

Kuriology Reliquary Cabinets of Collectivity

Ok, cracked it....I thought?  Unique Selling Point...which one, I have several?
  • Cabinet of Curiosities, Wunderkammer, oddities which are hand crafted & from sustainable materials.
  • Ethical Faux Natural History Objects individually created, no two the same
  • Come on, I'm creating 'Rubbish Art'!   Hmmm, that does not sound right, 'Crap Art', no that's no better.  Creating Object d'art from recycled/re-purposed materials - better!
My Niche Market - 'in theory', would appeal to people who really like the individual, interior decor items comprising of the strange, unusual, different, weird, exclusive, & unique.  Those who wish to add the OOAK, diverse & contemporary bizarre to their own home Wunderkammer?  

Surely, I'm so 'out there' I'm almost on the other side of the Galaxy?
Ah, but is my 'Niche Market' actually so niche it is a Macro-Market or even Micro market?

Are there far fewer 'collectors' of Oddities for personal 'Cabinet of Curiosities' than my research had led me to believe - or are these collectors all collecting exactly the same things - so one 'oddities' collection actually pretty much looks the same as any other?

Therefore - not really so odd?

Part of the Kuriologist's own Cabinet of Curiosities Collection

I think I have the USP & niche market, but am I possibly simply selling on the wrong corner of the internet commercial street?

Currently my eBay gross sales exceeds that of esty at a ratio of '£10 on eBay' to every '£1 on etsy'.  

Etsy, perhaps not all it's quite cracked up to be for the *unique creator/artist seller*?

...or did I just miss the etsy boat?
Certainly considerable dissatisfaction is loudly expressed by some old etsy hands in the forums at the direction & flow of etsy in recent years?

Especially given the number of 'oh so similar', almost identical jewelry makers, bead threaders & knitted 'this 'n' that' creators,(I genuinely found knitted poodle toilet roll covers that were gravely unfashionable & poor taste kitsch even when my gran had one in the 1970's) - but they sell.  

Then there is the designer created (but made in a factory in the far east) mass produced items.  Items I've disappointingly personally seen & discovered prominently on etsy or is it just still very early days for my particular individual work yet to settle in & find customers as unique & individual as is Kuriology Art?

If you came here expecting an answer to - 'How to establish an etsy & eBay Unique Selling Point (USP) and an Exclusive Niche Market' - I was actually pondering the question, not providing the answer!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

From a Tadpole of an idea to Rain Forest Frogs & Familiar Toads

From a Tadpole of an idea 
to Rain Forest Frogs & Familiar Toads

Kuriology Amphibious Frogs/Toads (available on etsy at 'KuriousThings')
The other day I posted about having created a frog/toad & I made a youtube slideshow I was so happy with the little fella.  Well he/she has friends now .

Kuriology Frog/Toad

Now I am told there are Frog/Toad collectors in the same way some folk collect piggy or cat figures.  Well these croakers (Actually they don't croak!) would be pretty unique in any collection, as each is very individually hand made. No two have turned out quite the same.

From a tadpole of an idea to frogs/toads.  They are about x3 bigger than a common UK frog & available to buy on etsy.