Tuesday 8 October 2019

Where to get Handcrafted Halloween Horror FolkArt Folklore Creepy Creations

Where to get
Handcrafted Halloween Horror 
FolkArt Folklore Creepy Creations

Traditional Hancrafted Folkart Skeleton from Kuriology on ebay

A quick look around online many retail shops & you could be forgiven for believing that Halloween was a celebration of Chinese plastic factories.  However, dig a little deeper on retail sites & you may find traditional folkart handcrafted items.  

Creepy Kuriology Halloween Killer Slug on eBay

Unlike the far eastern plastic items which are cast from molds in their thousands, there are independent creators making highly individual & unique traditional folkart items which will stand the test of time. 

Creepy Horror Doll Tank on eBay
Whilst plastic items are likely to end up languishing in landfill (or worse discarded into the environment) traditional folkart handcrafted items are far more likely to become treasured family heirlooms and in all probability eventually become the highly prized treasured collectible objects to be sought in antique shops of the future. 

Kuriology Gremlin or Grumpling on eBay
For even more individual traditional folkart folklore 
handcrafted Halloween Horror object d'art you could try -