Tuesday 8 October 2019

Where to get Handcrafted Halloween Horror FolkArt Folklore Creepy Creations

Where to get
Handcrafted Halloween Horror 
FolkArt Folklore Creepy Creations

Traditional Hancrafted Folkart Skeleton from Kuriology on ebay

A quick look around online many retail shops & you could be forgiven for believing that Halloween was a celebration of Chinese plastic factories.  However, dig a little deeper on retail sites & you may find traditional folkart handcrafted items.  

Creepy Kuriology Halloween Killer Slug on eBay

Unlike the far eastern plastic items which are cast from molds in their thousands, there are independent creators making highly individual & unique traditional folkart items which will stand the test of time. 

Creepy Horror Doll Tank on eBay
Whilst plastic items are likely to end up languishing in landfill (or worse discarded into the environment) traditional folkart handcrafted items are far more likely to become treasured family heirlooms and in all probability eventually become the highly prized treasured collectible objects to be sought in antique shops of the future. 

Kuriology Gremlin or Grumpling on eBay
For even more individual traditional folkart folklore 
handcrafted Halloween Horror object d'art you could try -  

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Types of Dragon Species: Bumble Bee Dragon: Do Cornish Grumpling exist underground in Cornwall:

Cornish Dragons Exist?

(Subterranus Dragon/Dracotroglitus)

Also known as  ‘Bumble Bee Dragons’, ’Bumpling’ or ’Ball Dragons’. 
A Cryptozoic contemporary fantasy folklore creature. 

Cornish Grumpling Dragon from Kuriology Art Laboratory

Troglodite species indigenous to United Kingdom, notably sighted in former igneous & metamorphic deep hard rock mining areas. i.e.: Cornwall.   

No living specimen are known in captivity. Possibly warm blooded semiaquatic reptiles able to inhabit deep natural caverns & subterranean cave networks.  Thought to colonize abandoned underground man made mine workings.

Currently believed to be an ancient branch of Amphisbaenia (Worm lizards).  Amphisbaenia are characterized by underground habits & an evolutionary reduction or absence of limbs, - as is the case with ‘Bumpling/Grumpling’. 
Unlike snake like appearance of most Amphisbaenian reptiles, ‘Bumpling/Grumpling’ are distinctly rotund in shape, the main body almost spherical, with no visible forelimbs.  Exception being wings in the remarkable & seemingly un-aerodynamic flying sub-genus & fins in fully aquatic sub-genus species. Although devoid of teeth the head is similar to that of some other reptiles. The jaw indicative of filter feeding technique, similar to possibly that of ducks.  Speculated to be omnivorous, deriving mineral & nutritional requirements from organic detritus & micro organisms trapped in subterranean pools & deep water sources below ground. 
Apparently several sub-genus - ‘winged, spiny, finned, tailed & plain’. Although, multiple combination of such external features may occur.  Such additional combination features possibly indicative of greater maturity. The purpose or function of the prominent head crest is unknown, but seemingly present in all adults. The crest possibly prehensile, sensory &/or for display. Thought to be viviparous, bearing live young at birth as no egg cases yet found to date.  Despite these troglodyte creatures living in state of perpetual darkness eyes are fully developed & may utilize a unique form of thermal imaging by which to navigate & see underground.
Cornish Grumpling Dragon from Kuriology Art Laboratory
Bumpling skin is leathery, with pattern coloration diverse & varied. These Cryptozoic reptiles generally believed to grow no greater than 13/14cm in diameter - approx. that of a large orange. Although no skeletal remains found to date, it is believed bones are light weight, flexible & with similar macro-structural bone construct to that of birds. 
Lifespan - unknown. Bumpling are thought to be communal & social in habit. Not known to have any natural predators, but are shy & highly susceptible to disturbance by human activity.   
Rare occasional reported discovery of shed skins of what appear to be from adult specimens.  Bumpling known of only through such attributed skin sheds &  glimpsed sightings by mine workers & potholers - alleged live sightings only occurring at depths greater than 500ft (150m+) from ground surface - which is presently an unknown environmental habitat significance.
Non-taxidermy specimens (& other examples)
sometimes available for sale from Kuriology
‘Art of Kuriology’ — ‘Bumpling’ - Kuriology © 2019  


Wednesday 29 May 2019

My poor Art Blog - but Kuriology sales have never been so good?

My poor Kuriology blog. It has been a little neglected. 

In part this is due to spreading myself a little thinly. An Etsy store, folksy store, ebay sales, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, google/mybusiness & the untimely death last year of my dear disability service dog.  (NB: Although this is not really a business, but the downsizing clearing of creations made as a result of coping strategy for disability). Basically posting about all over the place without a proper plan or process.

Kuriology Cabinet of Curiosities Heart

Time to stop & access, or as dear old Fagin said -'reviewing the situation'.

The idea being that through Kuriology to keep myself, hands & more particularly my brain, cognitively occupied to suppress the impact of clinically & forensically clinically diagnosed agoraphobia, PTSD, anxiety & panic attacks.  But not to stress myself out adversely.

Kuriology Feejee Mermaid

To a degree my self devised strategy works - mostly.

*Kuriology had held off from venturing into international sales due to the fiasco which is Brexit causing all sorts of strife & woe in the UK  (Brexit = The result of trying to appease some right wing neo-nazi types in the British conservative party & now a concerning massing & manifesting of same ilk in the Brexit party).

There is genuine concern that Britain may be teetering on the brink of accidentally sliding into a quasi- fascist dictatorship under the rule of a privately & secretly funded party.  One with no political manifesto other than that of those willing to follow a virtual cult of perceived personality! 

Drinking pints in a pub does NOT make a man 'one of the people' - its just good PR for suckers & has been enabled by main stream media.

Eventually we said - 'to hell with it'...& we started listing Kuriology for international sales.

Kuriology Extinct Non-existent Species

Bingo-A result - Americans, Canadians, French, Belgians, Germans & Chinese have all been buying Kuriology creations.

Approx. 50% of all Kuriology listings are now selling overseas!?  #WhoKnew?

Kuriology lists new releases from the Art laboratory onto ebay each week here:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/sculpthunter/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=