Tuesday, 13 September 2016

In the beginning. Ways to evolve an artistic dinosaur

In the beginning. 
Ways to evolve an artistic dinosaur

Evolution : Altered art sculpture by Kuriology 

Best way to evolve a Dinosaur? (…or set up an online Art Sculpture business).

Ok, we all know dinosaurs are extinct, at least the big ones are! So to evolve one would be a monumental task best tackled one small task at a time.

I’m a internet dinosaur & I need to evolve.

That’s ‘how’ I’m approaching the seemingly monumental task of getting my ‘Kuriology’ sculptural art work & the journey of making them & getting them in front of those who would buy, enjoy and appreciate them.  So here goes…..One small task at a time.

This KURIOLOGY Art Sculpture blog is intended to help inform & document the journey of Kuriology Sculpture.  I hope you enjoy….& may even consider obtaining one of my sculptures.

Things done so far

            (1)    I shopped around & bought a .com (& .co.uk) addresses last year (tick)

…they came with a FREE one-page website (tick).  I built a .com webpage (tick)

The .com website will eventually be the ‘hub’ of my Kuriology internet presence, with all the other sites linking back, like the spokes on a wagon wheel.

           (2)    Next was to create a number of artist/sculptor portfolio sites…. 
     Here are links to some FREE to use art portfolio sites featuring my Kuriology profile.

I’m still in the process of posting on more portfolio sites, but this is a start & took me several days.  I’m no techie & some sites (not listed above) had to be abandoned.  They simply did not work for me.

           (3)    I updated an old twitter account I had languishing doing nothing.  
     It is far more vibrant now it has purpose. 
     Please join me here on Twitter  https://twitter.com/strangecurios

            (4)    Create a blog. 

Now a few years ago I had quite a successful blog (now retired), but blogspot has changed, as has the internet & I DO NOT GET (said I was a dinosaur) how it links into Google+ at all. Hey ho. 

'Evolution of dinosaurs, boots, gun & a onesie'
Small altered art sculpture by kuriology 

However, we have a blog - https://kuriology.blogspot.co.uk/
So that’s where how far we have progressed so far.

I’ll try and work out Google+, but right now it’s about as clear to me as mud in a landslide
…and still to set up a youtube account.  

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