Monday, 26 September 2016

Cornish Art Sculpture Blog, WARNING. May explode under pressure

Cornish Art Sculpture Blog
 WARNING. May explode under pressure

Cornish Engine house under going conservation,
Nr Sithney, Helston

Above picture taken on yesterday's late afternoon 'Tik'-ma-dog walk. All was well, the weather was good & we walked much further than initially intended. I felt quite good.

That was then, today is Monday.  Feeling this art sculpture promoting is a really, really a slow burn. Frustrating, it feels like it is a damp fuse, taking a while to get going.  Just not getting the followers or re-promotions I had expected or previously experienced with other blogs (now retired), but on different subject matter. 

Perhaps it's my art, too edgy or Dark.  

I don't do kitten art or those endless paintings of St. Micheals Mount, which seem to clutter, otherwise quite nice picture frames at David Lay's household auction sales

Perhaps I'm just grumpy today.  The weather has definitely changed & my internet connection is frustratingly slow, lumpy & very erratic his morning. Feel a computer diagnostic coming on.

So in keeping with my dark equally dark sculpture, created right here at Kuriology in Cornwall.

Baphomet Figure created by Kuriology

'Baphomet', may not be as dark & satanic as portrayed.  Apparently the old goat faced fella has simply had some bad PR from the Christian right wing over the centuries. Seems he may have been linked to the good old Catholic Papal smear campaign against the Knights Templar order. Secret societies, eh, tut, who'd have them?

However, anything man like in stature, with horns & wings, & cloven hooves is always of interest to me.

This Kuriology created sculpture of 'Baphomet' is of composite construction, mixed medium using re-purposed objects, cardboard, kitchen foil, paper mache, modeling clay & mounted on an antique wooden beech stand.

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