Thursday, 15 September 2016

Tregonning & Godolphin Hills. Flotsam & jetsam beach combing Coverack, Cornwall

Tregonning & Godolphin Hills. 
Flotsam & jetsam beach combing Coverack, Cornwall

Flotsam & jetsam: Driftwood & broken fishing buoys from Coverack beach

Even I have to take a day out from my normal schedule of sculpting or fiddling on internet.

That for me is when my friend (who started out as my disability befriender) usually comes around once a week.  Even my disability assistance dog ‘Tik’ knows the presence of my friend usually means an extra dog walk.  Much wagging of tail.

Last week it was a ‘bimble’ (Navy Jack speak) from Carleen former Methodist Church, up towards Tregonning hill, along footpath via a ripening maize corn field, past Tregonning Farm, up & around the shoulder of Tregonning hill,  down ‘Polly Granny Lane’ (Isn’t that just the best name for a road?).

Tregonning Hill, Cornwall

Then up Bal Lane to the ‘Great Works’, an abandoned tin mine & one remaining engine house, then down around the shoulder of Godolphin Hill, on down to the National Trust Godolphin house.
Engine House at 'Great Works' Godolphin

A well-earned cafeteria of coffee at Godolphin House NT cafe, then back through Godolphin village, down an (un-sign posted) public footpath to yet another former tin mine engine house. Another unmarked footpath back up through Polladras to village of Carleen.
Godolphin House, NT
Well that was last week.

This week we went to Coverak, Cornwall, UK.

Coverack Harbour, Cornwall
Why Coverack?  

(i)           Because the sensible people of Coverack do NOT have exorbitant Cornwall Council car-park charges, instead there are several small Parish council car-parks with (strong box) honesty boxes for parking payment, which goes to local charities.
(ii)         Dogs (at least well behave dogs) are most welcome on Coverack beach
(iii)        This Cornish fishing village is just ‘so’ damn pretty!
(iv)        There is a less visited small cove accessible by scrabbling over rocks
(v)          The flotsam & jetsam in this small cove is always worth a look (Err, at least it was in 1977 when I was last there!)
(vi)        There is a good place to stop for coffee & cake on the way home at Roskilly’s Farm  (where well behaved dogs are also welcome)

So that’s what I did today, taking a day off from my sculpting. 
Well almost, as I did get more sculpting materials in form of driftwood & broken fishing buoys.

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  1. Ok...So it's called 'Granny Polly Lane'!

    It's still a GREAT name though, almost as good as my favorite ='Squeeze Guts Alley' in Truro, Cornwall.

    Squeeze Guts Alley, it just sounds so Harry Potter-esque.


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