Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Walk in Cornish Countryside, taking in views at every gateway on route.

Walk in Cornish Countryside, taking in views at every gateway on route.

Above video: A walk in Cornwall, stopping at 
every farm gateway on route to take a photo 

I wasn't going to blog today.

The intention was to take the day off from computer-y stuff.  The idea was to take 'Tik'- my dog, on a good walk, which we did. 

The mistake was picking up the camera as I went out the door & that led to the above video of our walk. More kuriology videos on youtube

'Tik' my dog, looking a little wolf-ish

At the 1st feild gateway I spotted a rabbit. To slow to catch a picture of the bunny I took a picture of the view through the gateway. ...and a picture through the next gateway ...
and then a picture...., well you get the idea.

Starting off at the village of Carleen in the parish of Breage I went in the direction of the hamlet of Trew by road. Turning right just before the hamlet & heading up the road past Trewolis Barton Farm. Just after Trewolis Barton turning left via a footpath & now heading in the general direction of the village of Breage. Crossing first a pasture field, over a style into a wheat stubble field.  

At the right corner top of which was a beautiful field filled with white & yellow button flowers. I thought these were Feverfew, but now I suspect it was Corn Chamomile.
Looking towards Tregonning Hill, Cornwall 

Getting back on the road we turned left & immediate right leading us up towards Trevena Farm. Passing the farm & then passing Trevena Barton.  Looking to my right I could see the tower of the parish church at Breage.  Away to the right I could just make out the sea & the cliffs down beyond Porthleven towards Loe Bar & Gunwalloe. 

Passing the deserted farm buildings to my right entering Trevena Cross. Popping into the Garden Centre where they serve good coffee (& a dog biscuit for Tik).  Horror upon Horrors, the garden centre cafe has banned smoking outside!!!  I did ask the cafe duty staff if the person responsible for the ban could be executed by firing squad.

Is it unreasonable that executing the owners seems beyond their customer satisfaction procedures?

After coffee, leaving the Garden centre cafe.... & immediately lighting up.  The large fibre glass Komodo Dragon figure in the garden centre had the right idea - sticking out it's tongue to the outside 'ciggy fag ban'.  

Turning left we followed the road? bridle way? up towards Trevena Count house. Passing through the gate at the top & immediately turning right down a narrow footpath.  It is more or less down hill from here on.   Emerging from the footpath & turning immediate left to follow another footpath which hugs the lower shoulder of Tregonning hill heading in direction of the abandoned Telmennor quarries.

The footpath takes a right turn at a style which has a forbidding notice about dangerous cows in the field beyond. We are not going that way, but down the hill footpath to rejoin the road at Little Telmennor.  A gentle saunter down the road passing Trewolis Barton farm again, back to Trew, but turning right towards the hamlet of Trew. Past the sculptures on the left in the garden of what was, & may well still be Trelawney House.

Taking the next left lane which leads down into the valley, the stream of which flows all the way down to Porthleven. Now one of the maps I looked at shows this as a lane joining both sides of the valley,  It does not. At least not for road vehicles (or even off road vehicles - too narrow between the bridle path fences).

The last footpath of the walk

Rising up the other side of the valley joining a lane & then taking a left hand turn up a footpath which comes out...more or less where we began two and a half hours earlier.

Tomorrow I must do some creative sculpting type stuff. 

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