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Cornish Disability Dog enables Artist Sculptor to get out

Cornish Disability Dog enables Artist Sculptor to get out 

Please watch above youtube video.   Credit where credit is due.  
Without my Disability Assistance Dog I would otherwise seldom leave my home.

I obtained 'Tik' from a Cornish animal welfare charity in early 2016. Specifically for her to become my assistance dog.  

From 2006 up until I obtained 'Tik' in 2016 I had been virtually housebound. 

In 2004 I had become the target of a prolonged & orchestrated hate campaign & to a degree it is still on going, as are the negative effects.  

In 2011 I was clinically & forensically assessed as having PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder), along with severe anxiety, painful panic attacks & a form of people related agoraphobia.  

The clinical forensic medical reports later submitted as evidence to a court tribunal.  The finding of the court tribunal resulted in my being placed in the DWP ESA severe disability support group.

Now there can be few disabled people who do not know or who have not felt the negative effects of the current UK government waging war of retribution, victimization & spite against disabled persons, after all the 'Nasty Party' is in government. So my being placed in the ESA severe disability support group actually meant 'no' support at all. Dumped & forgotten, 'out of sight out of mind', behind closed doors of my home from which I could seldom leave.

Now I cannot speak LOWLY enough of the authorities in Cornwall. Inept, unprofessional, incompetent, prejudicial & discriminatory are just 'some ' of terms which spring to mind.

I realized nobody in the Cornish authorities would help assist me improve my situation or quality of life as a cognitively disabled housebound person in Cornwall. I loath to think how many people are just written off, scrapped, by bureaucrat pen pushers. 'Matterdoit'

If something constructive was going to happen I would have to do it myself. 

I contacted the Red Cross, they in term put me in touch with Penwith volunteers & as it happened a new volunteer had just moved to Cornwall & was looking to assist a person with some of my specific characteristics & qualities.  After 12 months of going out with the volunteer once a week, I conclude if I could go out with the volunteer, I could probably go out with a dog.

A little internet research & I found out about  psychiatric service dogs. Long story short-ish.  I set about & found a suitable dog for my personality, needs & purposes through an animal welfare charity in Cornwall. 'Tik'

In the first month of my having 'Tik' in 2016 I had left my home on my own (with the dog) more times than I had in total since 2006. We now walk miles every week.

Since getting 'Tik'  I am gaining some confidence again, I am beginning to focus upon getting my Art sculptures out there.  Which I why I've started the blog. 

Because I had spent much of my time when not banging my head against brick wall of belligerent Cornish Authorities, teaching myself various skills & sculpting over the decade of my home confinement.

Bronzed finish
Sabatic Baphomet Goat head
by The Kuriologist

What of the Penwith volunteer befriender?
Well he is now a highly valued friend & no longer a volunteer, & we still go out once a week, just now it is with 'Tik' the dog as well. 

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