Friday, 7 October 2016

Sculpture Art blogging, Where to go wrong, doing it right?

Sculpture Art blogging, Where to go wrong, doing it right?

Three sculptures created by Kuriology in Cornwall, UK

In the past I've run several blogs on different subjects (all now retired).  However, this is the 1st time I've run one specifically for my 'Cabinet of Curiosities' style sculptural artwork which I create.
It is proving to be a much more up-hill task than previously experienced with previous successful blogs. I certainly have original content, the work is unique to me.

So what am I doing wrong?

Birdheaded baby sculpture created by Kuriology

I've run through my checklist & am left scratching my head.

Its back-linked to numerous other art portfolio sites
Some of which can be found here:-

Artobolus - 
ArtDiscover - 
Artid - 
Artweb - 
Outsidein -   
FoundMyself - 
VoodooChilli - 
Zhibit - 

Its been added to various directories

Its back-linked in comments on other blogs such as ultimate papermache

Hermit crab sculpture created by Kuriology

Its back-linked 
on pinterest,

& twitter 

& youtube

& google+ (however, even I cannot find it on Google+)

However, followers are in short supply & I can only conclude the internet or the way people use it has changed considerably & somehow I'm just not getting it?

Suggestions on a postcard please, or fill in a friendly comment below?

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