Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Postcard from an Artist in Cornwall - 'wishing you were here'

Postcard from an Artist in Cornwall - 'wishing you were here'

Images from today's morning Tik-ma-dog walk
Most people could not imagine the sheer joy I now get from simple pleasure of walking Tik-ma-dog.  

Having been virtually housebound from 2007 with diagnosed Post traumatic Stress Disorder, catastrophic trauma, severe anxiety, panic attacks & a form of agoraphobia, I now have developed a form of coping strategy since getting 'Tik'-ma-dog in January of this year (2016). Tik acts as my psychiatric disability assistance service dog.

It has to be said absolutely with NO thanks to any Cornwall & IOS health providers, NO help from social care, NO help from Cornwall Council, NO help from DWP or other statutory orgs supposed to 'in theory' help.  Housebound the system leaves you at home to ROT - 'Out of sight out of mind' 

The exception to this shoddy non-existent health & social care in Cornwall has been the Cornwall branch of Red Cross (who recognized I was a person in crisis), Penwith volunteers (Who then provided a befriender) & St.Francis Animal Welfare (who provided Tik-ma-dog)   

Basically, I get out of the house now, just me and Tik, whereas previously I would have to force myself to go alone even two hundred meters to the local farm shop & be in a right state afterwards.  Panic attacks can actually be physically painful - who knew?

Other benefits?  

Well having become physically inactive whilst housebound my waistline had expanded over the decade+.  Yesterday, I comfortably fitted into a pair of 32 inch waist jeans.  The first time in ten years. Joy, as I had hit my first target weight of 80 kilos having lost over two stone in weight since Jan of this year. 

That was down to simply walking Tik-ma-dog twice a day 'rain or shine' since January of this year.  NO change in diet, just simple exercise.

So another joy yesterday 04/10/2016 was to take 'Tik'-ma-dog onto a Cornish beach, she & all her canine friends had been banned from since May of this year.

Big thank you to a member of Poldhu Beach cafe.  They do not sell cigarette papers - but they found me some anyway!  

This is a happy Poldhu beach dog

Ah! But what of my art?

Well this was a recent posting to twitter

Three sculptures created by Kuriology
....and these are two works still in progress

Work in progress

'Tree of lost souls' - work in progress
There are 'always' Kuriology works in progress or as I have heard them referred to as, being 'works in detention'.

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