Monday, 10 October 2016

Inside a 'Brut Art' outsider sculpture artist's Cornish home in Cornwall

Inside a 'Brut Art' outsider sculpture artist's Cornish home in Cornwall 

I recently learned I am what is termed as an 'outsider' artist or 'Art brut'.  

That is to say I am an untrained self identifying artist, at least not trained by convention or processed through the art educational system & have created my art work in isolation.  
I would argue having spent over a decade working on my style of sculptural art forms I am highly self-trained. I create for me, to satisfy my own internal desire to be creative.

Being cognitively disabled, diagnosed as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Catastrophic Trauma, Severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks & a form of 'people' related agoraphobia I fall into the mental health aspects of 'outsider art'.

Now if environment habitat influences, then my having been virtually housebound since 2007, the interior of my own home 'must' conceivably have an influence upon my sculptural art creations.

So what does the interior of an 'outsider' artists home look like....well to me it looks a little like the video below. 

Yes that really is the interior of my own relaxation & working space.  Dusting is a genuine nightmare & a task undertaken with extreme gravity & gritted teeth determination & purpose.

You could say my 'Cabinet of curiosities', kunstkammer which includes many of my own personal creations & sculptures is in itself an 'instillation' piece of sculpture artwork in its own right. 

My 'Cabinet of Curiosities' is in constant flux of change as I squeeze in another object here or artifact there, whilst relegating another piece fallen from grace (or damaged during dusting) to the spare bedroom

....or worse fate, to the storage room of DOOM! 

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