Saturday, 28 October 2017

When weird is for all year, not just for Halloween. Wunderkammer Curiosity and Oddity Collectors

When weird is for all year, not just for Halloween. 
Wunderkammer Curiosity & Oddity Collectors

A few  'Art of Kuriology' creations listed for sale on 
These did not come out of a mold in a plastics factory in the far east. 
Individually hand crafted & unique.  More can be found on etsy

Shark exhibit on wood display stand, Faux Fish Taxidermy, Unusual Curio Oddity

Steampunk Taxidermy Laboratory Vampire Rat on Wooden Stand, Goth Weird Unusual

Faux Severed Mummified Hand Taxidermy Antique Finish Weird Odd Curiosity

Skull Antique Style Papier-mâché Taxidermy Museum Exhibit Curio SideShow Prop

Antique Style Faux Skull Taxidermy Unusual SideShow Oddity Exhibit on Wood Stand

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