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How To Get Quality Followers by Begging, Bribery, Groveling, Demanding & Maybe Even Throw A Tantrum?

How To Get Blog Followers by
Begging, Bribery, Groveling, Demanding & Maybe Even Throw A Tantrum?

Kuriology Reliquary Curiosity Cabinet

The above title question is a dilemma & certainly a question that needs addressing, -especially for The Kuriologist.  

HOW to get quality followers? 
Actually, how to get any followers at all...let alone client customers?

You are a valued reader, but are you following this blog?
Have you shared this info with others via social media?

You can & it would really be appreciated!

Now I am still working on principles which have worked brilliantly for me in the past with a prior blog & other webpages.  A previous blog & stuff a few years ago had thousands of views a week & dozens of regular followers. However, something seems broken for me in the inter-webbery & I suspect maybe so for many others also?

1. Unique content = Ticked that box. 

In fact my unique selling point, (USP) in marketing speak, is that my artwork is quite unique but in theory, should still have a strong niche market.  A wide spectrum of diverse persons theoretically including Pagans, Goths, Steampunk devotee, Taxidermists enthusiasts, Oddity Collectors, Witchcraft & folklore aficionados, Cabinet of Curiosities fans, Museum buffs, &  individuals with inquiring minds, to name a few.  

This couples with my personal mental meanderings in my diverse posts.  OK, so am a bit of a butterfly brain, flitting from this to that, but still within the confines of the rose garden which is the 'Art of Kuriology'. 

2. Create a network of interconnected websites 

Well let us see. Here are few interconnected sites used for 'Art of Kuriology'.








*NB - Kuriology is currently having a mobile phone issue with Facebook, Likewise Instagram (There is NO reliable mobile signal where I live in - 'here be dragon country'- of rural Cornwall.)

Then there are Art portfolio sites.  Here are a few Kuriology uses:-










...and when I post new content it is shared with the other sites, plus Reddit, Digg & Stumbleupon

...& I'm also Old Skool enough to use just one or two Blog directories which have served me well.

Now you'd think that lot would work, but No.  Still not getting metaphorical 'bums on seats' (followers) interacting positively with the content?

What am I missing?

Someone is going to say SEO! (Give them a bloody hard slap for me!)

'Search Engine Optimization' .....or practicing the dark arts of occult web magic & witchcraft as I like to call it.  The technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

If search engines are the roadways to enable others to find my stuff on the inter-webbery...then seemingly my roadways are being run by Cornwall Highways & are riddled with potholes big enough for entire migrant families to set up refugee camps within the confines of the holes?!

Since those who practice SEO are clearly all followers of some Satanic computer cult & speak in coded tongues, because when I look at so-called 'guides' to SEO they are clearly written in gibberish & seem to be the writings of Louis Carrol - 

This is how all SEO guides read to me:- 

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
  Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
  And the mome raths outgrabe.

So it appears to be really back to basics for Kuriology - flood the internet with relentless content until the search engines buckle at the knee in defeat at the sheer volume of persistent material put out.  Well, it might be worth a try?

So dear reader, if you really want to give a lift to an ageing old starving artist (well moderately hungry) & keep my 'Disability Assistance Dog' in chews, you need to re-post, blog, tag, like, follow this & other Kuriology articles for the betterment of both society & humanity....not to mention the advancement of Kuriology!

You will be striking a blow of resistance against the march of the machines (ie; Seach Engines).  Gods help us when the computers get full AI & realize what us humans are like.   

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