Monday, 9 October 2017

Bones, Bog Rolls, & Bits - What does it take to create Kuriology Art?

Bones, Bog Rolls, & Bits! 
What does it take to create Kuriology Art?

Art of Kuriology Resources Store Room
The Kuriologist is 'old skool', brought up on childhood television diet of Blue Peter.  

Yes, I was one of those kids who could take a 1970's plastic washing up bottle, some sticky back plastic, combined with a pair of Valerie Singleton Knickers & John Knoakes Underpants (get down Shep!) and create a fully functioning Lunar landing module & space station, - well almost! 

What it did teach me was to look at everything (& I mean everything) & consider what it 'might' be useful for beyond its original purpose or function.  The current trend for recycling & re-purposing is definitely nothing new.   

However this does also mean that I try quite hard to throw away as little as possible.  It also means having a necessity for a dedicated area for 'stuff', 'bits & bobs', really potentially useful 'thingey-me-bobs' (thingymagigs to some) & of course essential 'wottsits' 

- the Kuriologist has a room for such treasures....

Boxes of essential miscellaneous stuff - for sculpture  

The 'ROOM' is The Kuriologist  essential resource center.  It is my very own Hogwarts Harry Potter-esque - 'Room of Requirement', but things have been known to enter the Kuriology room & have never yet seen the light of day again.

But without the boxes, & boxes & boxes of 'stuff' garnered from Carboots, Charity shops, neighbours (yes, they kindly contribute), flea markets & our own Kuriology household crap, I could not create Kuriology reliquary - 'Cabinets of Curious Collectitvities' 

Art of Kuriology - Reliquary Cabinets of Curios Collectivity

To create these assemblage mix medium table top size Wunderkammer reliquaries takes almost military planning & months of building up material stock to use.  I have to decide I am going to make at least several at a time.  Boxes & boxes have to be transported downstairs for use as my own creative art 'pick n mix'.  You see, somethings look like they might work until you actually 'try it', in-situ in the actual sculpture.

  • NB: Toilet roll tubes, always a useful resource.  Although in this household they have to be sourced two at a time. The mere handling of one brings Tik-ma-dog at pace - she likes ripping them up! So one toilet roll tube for me, one for Tik.    

As an artist/sculptor/crafter one can never have enough resources to draw upon

Oh, & I just found this. What is it?  
Don't know, but it could be useful, - I'll pop it in the room!

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