Sunday, 1 October 2017

How 'NOT' to make an etsy shop slideshow! - (All publicity is good publicity, right?)

How 'NOT' to make an etsy shop slideshow

After over two years of deliberation & pondering here at Kuriology HQ, we finally took the plunge.  We have opened an etsy shop/store. 

Somewhere for people who like the individual, quirky & slightly? bizarre.  Items gathered under the umbrella of 'Cabinet of curiosities' &/or what our American cousins like to call 'oddities'.

You may visit & buy from the shop/store here:-

(Remember, Christmas is coming!!!)

'The Art of Kuriology' - on etsy at KuriousThings 

We did read various articles & blogs about the positive & negatives about etsy.  In the end it was a case of 'why not?', go on, give it a go!

We made our first sale in under 3 hours. (Does jiggy little celebration dance).  The sale was a rather 'scary rabbit' made from recycled materials.  It looked slightly trippy, as if it was on mind altering substances or had spent far, far to long in Wonderland Alice's rabbit hole. (That is not an euphemism). 

The euphoric part of my brain, high on new found wealth potential, whispered - 'lets make an etsy shop promotion slideshow'!  Working on the principle  'All publicity is good publicity', right?

Well you decide....Here is the slideshow video.

Oh, and please do visit KurousThings shop/store, if only to browse. 
Thank you

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