Saturday, 7 October 2017

Are Foreign Fairies Responsible for Shortage of Elf-ordable Housing?

Are Foreign Fairies Responsible 
for Shortage of 'Elf'-ordable Housing? 

Kuriology created 'Elf'-fordable Fairy Starter Homes

Made almost entirely from recycled materials, these eco-friendly 'Fairy Cottages' are created by the Kuriologist, in Cornwall.  The 'Pixie dwelling' examples above made from recycled glass jars, cat food boxes, scrap costume jewelry, garden twigs & printed paper.  

Anyone who follows this blog or my twitter account, will be aware I regularly walk my Disability Service Dog on minor hikes locally in my bit of Cornwall.  My dog & I have a couple of local coffee spots, where 'Tik-ma-dog' has worked out the charming waiting staff are frequently armed with dog biscuits. One of our 'Coffee Spots' is at historically important heritage tourist attraction.  You approach the premises walking through a stretch of pretty woods.

Throughout this summer for no other reason than mischievous fun on my part (& entirely without permission), I have been placing some of my experimental prototype tin can 'Fairy Houses' in these woods.  This is my Social Housing Project for indigenous local Cornish Fairy Faye-Folk.

To be honest this Cornish heritage site is probably dead boring for kids, in particular little ones.  I just thought the little woodland cottages may bring a little magic, joy & interest to some 'ankle-biters', if they spotted a real ''Pixie Cottage' in the woods beside the path.

Kuriology Fairy Cottages deposited in local Cornish Woodland

I've placed over half a dozen of these little Fairy dwellings in the woods over the summer months.  On each return the previous placement had disappeared...until recently!  There was a rather sad, dilapidated, abandoned looking cottage, peeling paper, lost shingles & faded print work....the fairies had clearly moved out!   

To be fair these little creations were NEVER intended for the outdoors.  However, I hope they will have brought a smile to the faces of any who spotted them among the ivy or beneath the ferns in the woods.

I've made a few of these pixie/fairy/elf/brownie/Faye cottages now & have a basic format.  I've offered them for sale on eBay with moderate interest.  

When I create the next batch of 'Fairy Cottages' I'll list them on my etsy shop/store.

So until next summer......

Pixie Property by The Kuriologist

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