Friday, 20 October 2017

'Naked Youth' - Museum Exhibited Male Nude Figurative Sculpture by 'Art of Kuriology'

'Naked Youth' - Museum Exhibited Male Nude Figurative Sculpture 
by - 'Art of Kuriology'

'Naked Youth' - Exhibited at Helston Museum 2017

This particular sculpture originally started as one of the figures in the UK National LGBT History Project Month Cornwall Sculpture Exhibition.  This sculpture which was to represent a 'Twink' was not finished in time (There were over x30 other sculptures that were finished in time).  

There are days when one is blank, & have nothing in mind, & nothing pre-prepared to post on the blog. Then realization strikes.  All those photos taken for items listed on eBay & Etsy can be further utilized by creating mini-slideshow vids.  A light bulb moment. These vids in turn are in effect further promotional vids for 'Art of Kuriology'.

Sometime ago I had already begun creating a simple series of mini-vids of the Male Figurative Sculptures created.  It got put on hold as other more pressing demands made themselves a computer than was slower than a geriatric snail.  It is staggering how a good blitz maintenance can get rid of 6 Gigabites of redundant code & obsolete files clogging up the ageing old PC.  Today, my computer is running like a race horse on steroids fueled by Nos.

Most of the male figurative sculptures to be featured were exhibited at award winning Helston Museum earlier this year (2017) as part of the 'From Behind Closed Doors' exhibition.  The Kuriologist exhibition dubbed by various UK southwest newspapers as, the 'Museum of the impossible'. 

Now the average view-time of a youtube video appears to be around 1.29 secs.  This mini-vids series come in around 1.40 secs per vid, but the last 15 secs taken up by credits.  Credits a courtesy & absolute must where utilizing Creative Commons music created by another artist/s ...but then who looks at credits anyway, right?

  • If I had a £1 for every time I'd posted a video with accredited music at the end & some 'plonker ' asks - 'what's the music', when the information is already provided?
To date there are x15 of these mini-vids of various individual  'Art of Kuriology' created male figurative sculptures.  Some have already sold, others are for sale & others remain in the Kuriologist Private collection. This is still the tip of the iceberg of numerous 'Art of Kuriology' sculptures created, but as yet many still remain yet to be photographed. 

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