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Zombie Cowboys & Horror Snails - Guest Artist on Kuriology blog

'Zombie Cowboys & Horror Snails' 
Guest Artist on Kuriology blog

 Brian Blacknick Long Beach, NY, USA

Zombie Cowboy - by Brian Blacknick

To diversify content of the Kuriology blog we are going to feature a guest artist from time to time.  
Artists who's creativity fits into The Kuriologist's perception of contemporary created objects for a  
modern 'Cabinet of Curiosities'.

Our first guest:- Brian Blacknick is from Long Beach, NY, USA

We were particularly taken by his Zombie cowboys, then we found his snails!

Thanks for taking part Brian, here are your questions.

Who in your past had most influence on your creations today?
  • 'I was inspired by paleo artist Charles Knight and stop motion animator Willis O'Brien'.

How would you describe your own style of creativity?
  • 'I'd say whimsical with a bent for horror' .

Describe your designated creative work-space area?
  •     'My studio has a kiln, sand blast cabinet, air brush cabinet, work table & an area to photograph my artwork'.

When did you first sell one of your creations?
  •     'When I was in 5th Grade I sculpted a medieval castle that our teacher sold to an antiques dealer. The proceeds were used to buy our classroom pet'.

How do you schedule your work/family/leisure balance?
  •     'I have no specific strategy. When I've had enough of sculpting I find myself missing fishing and beach combing. Likewise I'll begin to feel the need to get back creating if I've been away from my work space for a time.

What type of ‘your’ art pieces give you the most satisfaction to create?
  • Recently I took part in a collaborative project called the Cult of Doll Almanac where 16 artists were asked to create a doll with an accompanying story. I was quite pleased with the character I created and his story titled " Death Rides the Trade Winds". 

Have you sold/exhibited your work via a ‘bricks & mortar’ gallery/shop?

  • Yes. Though I no longer do. I prefer selling my work via the Internet.

Five words you feel best describe your creations?

  • Hmmm let's see whimsical, unusual, fanciful, frightful, & imaginative.
Demon Horror Art Magnet by Brian Blacknick
Thanks for taking part Brian

You can visit Brian's etsy shop here
NB: Please be aware, does not ship outside of the USA

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