Friday, 27 October 2017

Windows 10 - In an Emergency - 'Seated Shepherd' - Museum Exhibited Male Nude Figurative Sculpture

'Seated Shepherd' 
 Museum Exhibited Male Nude Figurative Sculpture 
created by 'Art of Kuriology'

In case of Kuriology emergency up load slideshow. 

Today my computer is in melt down.  

Either Microsoft has made a forced instillation of Windows 10 on my computer (it was windows 8.1) or Google Chrome made a chronically flawed upgrade. I cannot access settings to even find out if that is what has been done.  Windows 10 = Don't touch it with a barge pole if you have an older computer, like more than say three weeks old.

What this external instillation resulted in was/is - no access to pictures, music, documents &  files through desktop, programs deleted (like Windows Movie Maker), initially no access to websites (all passwords deleted). Still cannot access settings & a plethora of other usual internal commands & files. It is an abomination.

I have spent ALL DAY trying to find work arounds!

Eventually found a method of putting short cut links onto old old start page desk top from a free program I had when Windows ditched the start  page (What a STUPID idea that was!).  Cannot access programs at all.  Windows ten = What an abortion!

 Movie Maker is gone & I keep getting taken to a webpage spouting how wonderful Windows 10 is.  It is not, Windows ten is horrific.  That is why I removed it previously about a year ago or more  & went back to windows 8.1.(Which 8.1 is quite frankly worse than XP professional was. If I could have XP Pro back, I would in a flash).

I made a number of Kuriology Sculpture video short slideshows just for such an emergency for blogging.

 As yet not found a single simple video program which is a patch on the simplicity & intuitive nature of Movie Maker.

I have always been astounded at the utter contempt Microsoft exhibit towards their users, but this Windows 10 forced instillation, deletion of programs, blocking of access, removal of files, deletion of passwords - takes the biscuit. 

Not Happy!

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