Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Paleontology : Dinosaur is not dead, there is still life in old fossil

Paleontology : 
Dinosaur is not dead, there is still life in old fossil

Kuriology Trilobite Sculpture

Ah!  Now you may have come to this blog thinking that in some 'Jurassic Park' like manor some laboratory boffin had managed to extract DNA, MBA or 'what the *FIH' from some ancient amber encrusted species. 

Sorry to disappoint. But bare with me fossil hounds, look, see, there are Trilobites!

The in title 'fossil' reference is to 'me', a silver surfer of the inter-web. 

Why life in old fossil?
Well I think (only think mind?) I may have finally cracked Google+.  At least discovered how to post youtube videos, blog post & my etsy store inventory.

Now for kids under 30yrs it is 2nd nature, but this dinosaur has found it a real struggle.  Of all the social media sites Google+ has to be the most mind numbing complex & confusing of the whole lot.  I tried once before, no, twice before & gave up.  I know Google+ has circles (whatever they are), but I found myself simply going around them - circles.

Kuriology Trilobite Sculptures
Exhibited at Helston Museum

However, I seem to have finally interlinked:-

As for true Paleontology Fossil & Dinosaur fans take in these Kuriology created Trilobites & other beasties recently exhibited at Helston Museum in Cornwall, UK.  Soon to be available at the Kuriology etsy shop 'KuriousThings' 


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