Sunday, 5 November 2017

Where To Get Really Bizarre and Weird Secret Santa Gifts This Christmas

Where To Get Really Bizarre and Weird
Secret Santa Gifts This Christmas

 Unusual & Different Christmas Gift Ideas from Kuriology on 

Most of us have at one time been stumped when faced with getting a gift for someone which requires being something really unusual, completely off-the- wall, bonkers mad & utterly strange 

....especially for Secret Santa!

Then there are the people we need to get gifts for who already seem to have 'nearly everything.  Not to mention - 'The Collectors'....whose tastes are, well sometimes a little strange & may be teetering on the edge of what is socially acceptabile.

Kuriology has Good News for gift givers!   In all probability their target gift recipients won't yet have acquired weird & wonderful, quirky & bizarre creations from Kuriology.

...and sometimes those of us who actually  like the peculiar, strange & quirky need to reward ourselves.  Socks, ties & underpants are completely practical, but what was really wanted was something strange....say like a triffid, or trilobite or a big turtle?   

Bizarre Gift Problem sorted.... 

Paper Nautilus

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