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What to make and Where to sell? Kuriology Art - Weird Stuff

  What to make, where to sell & who too?
Kuriology Art - Weird Stuff

For the last few years (more than a decade+) Kuriology sculptures were created 'not' with the objective or purpose to sell, but to meet a desperate need of being creative whilst the artist is/was disability housebound & with additional  family duties as a full time career to an elderly relative, and still is on both accounts. (NB. Except I now Have a Disability Service Dog to enable me to leave the house). 

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A huge number of Kuriology sculptures have now been created, never with an end consumer or client in mind other than solely for the artist them-self = me, The Kuriologist! 

Now primarily due to the need to create some space (hundreds & hundreds of sculptures occupy a LOT of space), some of the sculptures have/are being sold on.  Commercially, economically some of the Kuriology sculptures have been sold to-date at a rate which after commissions & costs, would barely cover an hourly rate for UK minimum wage.  However, income was never the original objective or purpose for creating Kuriology Art.  

Being someone who enjoys a bargain myself & who has won at auction the occasional item well under its actual worth, it is only karma that some of my sculptures should sell to a lucky few for far less than the man hours which have gone into the creation of the said object.  Listing an item at a 'come and get me' price well below cost, is what I believe is termed as a 'loss leader'.  The purpose to draw buyers into viewing & considering other further objects Kuriology has offered for sale at more realistic price (for the seller).  It can also be fun, entertaining & even nerve wracking for me watching a Kuriology item slowly creep up in bid price (or not).

Most Kuriology sculptures have been created just to please myself as the artist, just for fun (or some might say therapy). But now that more than a few dozens have been sold I have felt the insidious creep of beginning to try to second guess what is commercially viable.  What someone else may want to buy - Stop!

The short answer is I cannot.

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Sculptures I did not think would sell have whistled away quicker than greased lightning & things I thought would be snapped up, bid up at auction & even  fought over with frenetic bidding, have languished.  Bringing me to the conclusion as the Kuriology artist I should continue with my original purpose of creating - simply to please myself! 

What has been really wonderful, is gaining some true fans of Kuriology Art & even Kuriology  Art collectors.  I'm told that a person who owns three Kuriology Art sculptures is - 'an enthusiastic fan'

.....but someone who owns five or more Kuriology 'a Kuriology Art Collector'.

I am delighted that I now have a number of both enthusiastic fans & several Kuriology collectors! 

Thank you!

To buy Kuriology Art on click on image has proven fruitful, etsy, err, not so much. has been stunning in monetary amounts realized for individual pieces. Bricks & mortar galleries, as well as museum sales have slow ticked pendulously like a long case clock.  

Inquiries  to buy Kuriology sculptures have come from persons in France, Canada, USA & Japan.  Thank you, and I am sorry to have had to disappoint at this time overseas interests.  My personal circumstances are such I do not wish to overstretch myself in complexities of international taxes, duties, couriers, customs & excise.  That will inevitably change in hopefully  the not to distant future (watch this space, well, blog), but for now Kuriology Art sales will remain UK based.

The original title was 'what to make, where to sell it & who too'?

Q.  So what to make?
A.  That which enthralls, entertains, challenges & interests me as the Kuriology artist 

Q.  Where to sell?
A.  Through those portals which best suit my own limitations, requirements & time constants

Q.  Who too?
A.  Persons who appreciate the quirky, individual, different, unique....& that can be anybody!

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