Thursday, 9 November 2017

SciFi Art Decor - Day of the Triffids meets Little Shop of Horrors

Sci Fi Art Decor
'Day of the Triffids' meets 'Little Shop of Horrors' 

SciFi Alien Plant from Kuriology

As a teenager I voraciously consumed by reading nearly every science fiction & science fantasy book that I crossed paths with.  

Buying  a new pulp book each time a new title appeared on the book stand of the railway station newsagent in the under pass through which I went on my way to school

This was how I spent my earnings from my evening paper round (to lazy to get up early for a morning paper round), SciFi books, along with ten No.6 fags every day, the school boys cigarette of my time. I still have several dozens of those now quite tatty paperback books.

Moorcock, Heinlien, Herbert, Asimov, Clarke, Dick, Guin, Anderson, Bradbury, Niven, to name a few.  It was ever the likelihood that such consumption would have an effect upon both thinking & development as a teenager and does seem to have lasted a lifetime. has the smoking, but Players No.6 cigarettes stopped production long ago.

Inevitable that in the Kuriology Art Laboratory of GM (gently manipulated) species, an alien plant or two would be created at some stage.

The good news, they don't need watering or feeding, don't grow any bigger & still look like they may might just consume your neighbors cat for lunch

The one in the video has been listed on  At the time of writing it has bids & will sell.

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