Wednesday, 22 November 2017

UK Chancellors Budget, Corporate Black Friday = Killing the Small Indie Creator?

Is Combination of UK Tory Chancellors Budget, Brexit & Corporate Black Friday = Poisonous to Small Indie Creators?
Kuriolgy Laboratory created steampunk spider
There I was ticking along quite nicely gradually building up sales in a definitely positive way in steady build towards the Christmas season.  I was releasing the back catalog of personal 
sculpture creations built up in years of being disability housebound. Not so much a business as a downsizing on the accumulated result of creative therapy.

Quickly a precious handful of enthusiastic return buyers had been gained since starting to 'sell off'.  Auction items were generally increasing in the amounts realized.

For the first time in years  things were looking roses for the Kuriology Art Laboratory creative process.  

Then BANG!

It was like someone had unplugged the Kuriology  computer.  Views plummeted, pre-auction end bids dried up. Off-sight sales froze! Gallery sales ground to a screeching juddering halt.  

Who?  What? How had the brakes been slapped on?

Bird on driftwood

Casting around in various indie creative chat rooms & forums a pattern began to emerge in the already expressed opinion from other diverse creators & indie sellers. 

  •  (i) Sales for indie (independent) creative persons seemingly often ground to a near halt just prior to Black Friday as buyers switch their attention to massive price slashes the big corporations & multi-retailers dangle as carrots on high price tech items (made in China)
  •  (ii) In the UK, after years of Tory strangulation of the UK economy by austerity, suppressing wages, punishing under 30yr olds, persecuting the poor, disabled, weak & disenfranchised....the threat of UK Chancellors autumn budget & negative effect it has & would have upon most peoples dwindling available spending power.... whilst Tories absolutely insist on staunchly defending & still  lining the pockets of their friends in the banks, corporations, big business tax dodgers, & super elite wealthy.  
  • (ii) Plus......the uncertainty of Brexit on horizon?

Many people seem to carry out equivalent of holding their breath, but with their wallets.

Anatomical Heart Curse Fetish

Independent creators & sellers seem to take a hit.  On etsy the startled cries from some were loudly expressed in forums as sales dried up quicker than a puddle in the Sahara Desert .  

Old etsy hands made reassuring noises - 'this always happens' - just before Black Friday.  Sales will then pick up - they say.  The hiatus in sales only temporary?

For UK sellers, the added pressure of people waiting with baited breath to see how the Tory government was going to yet further punish the average person with this Chancellors budget. 

Squeezing with the normal conservative government disregard of the effect of their osmotic one way process of extracting money from the majority to the financial benefit of an already wealthy minority 1%. 

Not so much a 'Trickle down', more conservative policy of the majority surviving on the crumbs that fall accidentally discarded from the banquet table of the over indulged wealthy minority. Ever the way it was with Conservative policies & principals - persecute & punish the poorest, placate the rich & elite.  Not so much the conservative 'nasty party - more downright bloody Evil party...

  • The Kuriologist could never with a clear & principled conscious vote conservative - Ever!  (I still remember the abusive years of the evil witch Margret Thatcher)

Kuriology Paper Snake

Then there is the question of a Brexit effect...the absolute mess created by, initiated by, overseen by, caused by, instigated by = the internal Machiavellian back stabbing within the conservative party itself - lets not even go there...just yet?

So is combination of UK Tory  Chancellors Budget, Brexit & Corporate Black Friday = Poisonous to Small Indie Creators? 

Probably? Possibly? Inevitably?

Who knows but you can cast your vote by bidding HERE!

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