Friday, 5 January 2018

Blighted by a Glitchy Computer in December - So a belated Happy New Year 2018

Kuriology blighted by aliens or a glitchy computer in December. So a belated Happy New Year 2018

Kuriology Alien Taxidermy

Were we attacked by aliens? 

As December 2017 progressed, so our Kuriology computer struggled more and more with gliches and gremlins. 

A Windows routine update end of November, beginning of December wiped out access to windows movie maker.  Things just went down hill from there & became progressively worse  

Fortunately, we had already planned not to list any further Kuriology sculptures for sale in the three week run up to Christmas.  The need to deal with Christmas, in particular, needs of an  increasingly  frail & utterly dependent elderly relative, coupled with a temperamental computer meant some things had to go on hold.  Some thing had to give - Kuriology blog being one of them.

 We carried out various procedures, pseudo voodoo rituals & mock exorcisms over the computer.  Tinkered with it, threatened it & swore offensively at it.  More practically, we ran various software repair packages.....& eventually a modicum of computer normality was achieved.  Even a convoluted method to sometimes access windows movie maker returned -.... sometimes? 

The good news, Kuriology is back for 2018 & with more curious & weird sculptures being released for sale primarily via 

Some Kuriology items being listed on as of 7th Jan 2018

 NB: We still have listings on Etsy, however sales were very slow in comparison to eBay.  At a ratio of just £1 of sales on etsy to every £10+ realized on eBay.  To be fair Etsy remains primarily a North American sales outlet.  Kuriology hope/intend to venture into some international sales later this year.

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