Sunday, 7 January 2018

Curious Oddities released from Kuriology Art Laboratory for 2018

Curious Oddities Released 
from Kuriology Art Laboratory for 2018 

Christmas 2017 has been & gone & New year celebrations are over.  

Now it is time for serious collectors of weird 'stuff' to get back to focusing on what is really important.  Obtaining strange & wonderful  further acquisitions for their collections. To assist in this quest we are continuing to release creations from our Art Laboratory in Cornwall (UK).

Some of the Kuriology Art released on on Sunday 7th Jan 2018 
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Over the 2017 festive season at the Kuriology Laboratory we scraped out a few petri dishes, rinsed out test tubes & wiped out a few crusty flasks.  Tossed the resulting residue into a beaker, gave it a stir, - just to see what developed.

What this really means is experimental tinkering & fiddling with some new Kuriology creations - all whilst bingeing on television box sets over Christmas (Primarily Game of thrones season 7), armed with obligatory snacks & box of chocolates & jelly babies (I like Jelly Babies, originally called 'Peace Babies' after WWI.)

Over the coming year expect a few  Kuriology #DeadGothic figures.  

These Kuriology creations are Inspired by a combination of
    •  (i) Latin American 'Day of the Dead' figures 
    • (ii) Voodoo dolls & 
    • (iii) Traditional Witchcraft poppets.
    • (IV) Gothic Victorian characters  

These are a good dose of gothic macabre/steampunk-esque, shamanic/witchcraft fetish figures. Each individually hand crafted.  No plastic molds here! 

NB:Also our Kuriology cryptozoolgy creatures continue to be developed & created.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this youtube slideshow of some of the Kuriology laboratory releases

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