Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Where to buy the Curious, Weird, Unusual & Strange

Where to buy the Curious, Weird, Unusual & Strange?
Not to mention Unique & Affordable -eBay of course!

As a collector myself, I sometimes have difficulty sourcing the type of items I like to buy.  Also finding things at the realistic prices that my meager disposable income will allow me to purchase is also a problem.  Being restricted in my mobility & living in a mainly rural area with atrocious public transport links, the internet has been one of my main sources to acquire items.

Ebay for all its faults, policy changes & corporate idiosyncrasies is still a 'go to' place for me. It is also where I sell most of my own art creations which I'm letting go in order to downsize the sheer volume of my kuriology collections.

Here are 'some' of the art creations here at the Kuriology Art Laboratory we have released for sale onto this January 2018. 

NB: Some objects have already sold at the time of this blog post.  Likewise some items shown are already draft listings on ebay, but not yet released. 

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