Monday, 13 July 2020

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It had to happen, living in a rural part of the UK our internet broadband is pretty pathetic (0.15 mbps).  

Couple that with, we've been nursing our 10yr old computer along with regular maintenance, defrags & oddles of virus checks, but it was getting slower & slower - the equivalent of technological arthritis.  

Finally the router gave up.

After a little insistence over three days & an engineer report, our internet provider finally caved in & provided a new router.  We also put in a new microfilter, & the telephone engineer replaced the functional, but ancient connection box.  It was all still painfully slow - we bit the bullet, dug deep & bought a new computer - well the computer is fast, but internet still behaves like a little old lady dawdling on a zebra road crossing.

Bit the bullet again & decided to upgrade from broadband to (fanfare) Super-fast Broadband.  Our connectivity *should go from a pathetic 0.15 - 0.50 mbps to a super-duper minimum of 35 mbps.  

This will in theory be such a radical increase in speed for the Art Laboratory that we may even be posting Kuriology sculptures on the internet before we have even created them.  Well perhaps not quite, but it will mean hours spent waiting for things to load should/could be reduced to minutes.

We will wait and see!   

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